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崭新毛主义油管(英汉)频道开播了(2022-04-22更新) [复制链接]

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Watch a new English/Chinese Maoist Channel (updated edition 04/22/2022)

Mark Wain Email Address: wtkh2013@gmail.com

April 22, 2022

Friends who are concerned about the four major crises in the current capitalist era, the loss of renewable energy to COG, and the exploitation of working people by high-tech hegemony are welcome to watch it.

Anyone who thinks my assessment of capitalism is too political to be valid  should browse the website Lewis Lapham: Can America Survive the Rule of a “Stupified Plutocracy”? Oct 24, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM20eUDP6GE

Rai 01-05 Is It the End of the U.S. or the Capitalist Era? The Coming of a New Democratic Revolution Part 3  


Display time: one hour and twelve minutes.

As the saying goes: “No two tigers can share one mountain,” can the U.S. share the capitalist foothold with some new-rich countries that stumbled into success through serendipity?

The whole capitalist era obstinately confronted by its own glorious past that cannot continue because of the four catastrophes is about to end it for good.

The critical bottlenecks facing capitalism have nothing to do with external forces; they are purely self-inflicted. Consequently, the system itself is responsible for removals of the stumbling blocks, or better, for removals of their root causes. The internal contradictions dictate the fate of capitalism.

Since mainstream economists as an apologist opinion-leader class have been at a loss to save the system from the danger of demise, now it’s the people’s duty as well as their privilege to take the solution of these problems into their own hands.

Democratic revolution means seizing major portion of the political power from, and sharing the economic power with, capital, the king, by the people. Without the political power, people’s new democratic revolution is empty; with it people can subjugate capital to serve the whole society and never again only the 1%._____

Two articles combined as one has been published on March 29, 2022 at URL:  https://youtu.be/EZTyNhmdXhU

Rai 01-04 Is It the Best and Also the Worst Time? The Coming of a New Democratic Revolution - Part 2

If the revolutionary line seeps into every nook and cranny, Putin will be replaced not by another capitalist but by a tried-and-true Lenin-Stalinist. This will also hold true of SCP-controlled China, i.e., Xi Jinping will be replaced by a tried-and-true Maoist and not by another misbegotten capitalist-roader-establishment such as Deng Xiaoping – the world’s most dangerous con man.


The truth of the matter is socialism, just as any other doctrine, is not stationary but progressive; its strategic development is the result of class struggle over the years involving hundreds of millions of people all over the world, whose power of recall and replacement of the leadership never materialized until China’s Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s, by then it was too late to rescue socialism from sudden change of properties. After the two major and pioneering socialist countries – the former Soviet Union of Russia in the 1950s and the People’s Republic of China in the 1980s – were defeated by their own political elite when under the besiegement of the international monopoly capitalism, socialism as viewed and taught by Karl Marx based on, among others, French socialism combined with French revolutionary doctrines has failed to sustain its viability. The working classes of both countries lost power to the elite who henceforth restored capitalism for a long time afterward without essential change. Had Marx or Lenin witnessed the battle, what could either of them do to salvage the fiasco situation?

March 13, 2022. Rai 01-03 Great Chaos in the World Achieves Great Rule in the World. A worldwide antiwar movement will be the only means to stop it for now. The Coming of a New Democratic Revolution (this is the first of four parts) will be discussed in the next as to why, how and for whom. Total time for watching the show is about 18 minutes.


February 27th, 2022. Rai 01-02. On the Russian-Ukrainian War. (In English)
Mark Wain 02-27-2022

What's the nature of the Russian-Ukrainian War? Is there a demarcation that’s sacred and historically unshakable to such a degree that only one side is to be considered the invader, and the other a completely innocent “aggresse”?

February 22, 2022 Rai 01-01 of Episode 01 Opening Summary of Capriccio Rai Channel




任何认为我对资本主义的评估过于政治化而无效的人都应该浏览网站 Lewis Lapham:美国能否在“愚蠢的富豪统治”下生存下来? 2018 年 10 月 24 日 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM20eUDP6GE

2022-04-22 汉语版《随想轻雷》第一集第五雷 Rai 01-05:是美国时代的终结还是资本主义时代的终结?迎接新民主主义革命的来临 (第 3 部分)


全片时长: 1:15:11











无套裤汉 (马克·韦恩,Mark Wain) March 15, 2022
2022-03-15 Rai 01-03 马克·韦恩《随想轻雷》第一集第三雷: “从天下大乱到达天下大治” ;此外《旧闻新读》:迎接新民主主义革命的来临第一部分。


01-02《随想轻雷》第一集第二雷 关于俄乌战争(汉语) 俄乌战争的性质是什么?是否存在一种神圣的、历史上不可动摇的分界线,以至于只有一方被认为是入侵者,而另一方是完全无辜的 “被侵略者” ?






其中(在第四图末和第五图初),他说:“周总理在建国之初就告诫过李克农同志,情报机关不要卷入党内斗争,他的告诫防止了我们党内的那些不规范行为了吗?” ...

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